The Singhs & Friends – May 23rd

Join Redstar Studios’ “house” band The Singhs (Peter Parcek, Steve Scully, Marc Hickox, Br. Cleve and Jeet Singh) for The Singhs & Friends, an ongoing series hosting exceptional talent every month. This month, they welcome a line-up curated by Jed Gottlieb of The Boston Herald’s Guestlisted, featuring Ruby Rose Fox and Hallelujah The Hills. About this month’s selections, Jed Gottlieb writes:

There’s a wonderful friction to Hallelujah the Hills. Over cellos and trumpets (and rock guitar and drums), frontman Ryan Walsh’s deadpan vocals deal out painful, poetic earnest wisdom. Sounds deep, but live the band will only want to make you dance.

Ruby Rose Fox began as a smokey-voiced, smokey-eyed chanteuse. By last month’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble she had transformed into a wild woman fronting a jazzy, glamorous punk band — notes of Blondie, the B-52’s and even the Clash. She’s stepped up her live game with every show while retaining her come-hither cool.