Patrik BolecekVideo Director

As a Visualist Agent, Patrik Bolecek is a creative individual that is agnostic to his mediums. He sees an idea as something that
transcends across many levels. As a Visualist telling a story having depth, a poetry to it and an art is critical. To give meaning
is to be substantial, underlining, like that of a visual composition. This in the simplistic sense is apart of Patrik Bolecek a Visualist.
Hey looks at the question of our place in the world emotionally and brings about the great philosophic question of suicide.
We look into the absurdness, the surreal distortions of the mind as a point of view from a faceless protagonist. A Camus
and Kafkaesque like experience, an abstracted trial of the soul that struggles like Sisyphus, only to find the protagonist in
these abstracted rooms formed only in the mind. Finally, he serves as mirror to the beauty, the confusion, the rejection,
and emotional pressure of his journey. To finally come to a point where the band serves as the final procession of letting
go and able to pass on.