Joe TooleyRecording Engineer

Over the past decade, Joe has spent most of his time recording, mixing and producing musicians out of Q Division Studios in Somerville, MA. Working as a staff engineer around Boston has resulted in a list of engineering credits for all styles of music, from rock and soul to metal and jazz.

As an audio engineer I love almost every aspect of sound and sound manipulation. When it comes to the ‘sound’ of music, there is still so much unexplored territory as to how we can capture or simply amplify musicians. Discovering specific eccentricities of a band or an artist and bringing them out, whether in the studio or on stage, has always been the most alluring part of being an audio engineer. My experience with The Singhs was no departure from this motif and provided many days and nights of sonic exploration.

The Singhs were not only an all-star cast of stand up people, but each member had a wealth of knowledge, experience and talent to contribute. This line up, coupled with an outstanding appreciation for sound textures and down right good times, made recording/mixing Science Fiction one of the most interesting and enjoyable experiences of my life..