Science Fiction gets nod from

Just in: a great review of Science Fiction from

This is a record that deserves more than one listening and that at every listening reveals very different hints that come from different periods; it’s an interesting challenge to discover all of them …

The advantage of not being very young lies in the fact that I have experience. And my experience spotted echoes of David Bowie in Heroes and Lodge, then a pinch of Siouxie and the Banshees post-punk with a recall to the Kraftwerk and theis synthesizer. Their voice is light and rock and there are choirs that are far away from those annoying singsongs that are so popular today. 

The result is a record that can be listened to in one gulp and that is never taken for granted not even after many listenings. The musicians’ technique is great. The recording is very “rock” but at the same time of a very high quality and with a frequency response very extended, with a clear and deep low range.

It is absolutely recommended. 

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