Brother Cleve talks to The Vinyl District

Brother Cleve talked to The Vinyl District website about his extensive vinyl collection, and the making of Science Fiction:

“I recently sat in on the vinyl mastering session of our new album at Masterdisk in New York. You know what was really intoxicating? The smell of fresh vinyl as the grooves were being cut into the acetate. It’s a scent of sweet petroleum, synthetic yet organic. “It’s probably really bad for you” remarked engineer Alex De Turk after I mentioned how much I liked it. But it reminded me of taking a new record out of the sleeve, and putting it in the turntable for the first time. The ritual of moving the tone arm and gently lowering it onto the record. An act I’ve done countless times in the last 50 years. I’m glad that artists are making records again. And I’m glad that fans are listening.”

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