The Singhs get some love from the Times Square Gossip Blog.



We recently came across a great item in the Times Square Gossip blog, praising The Singhs’ previous albums Supersaturated and The Edge of the World, and looking forward to the release of Science Fiction (now out on iTunes, in the app store, and at your favorite music retailer). It featured a great shot of Jeet with Tony. Check it out:

The Singhs-Tony

“We absolutely loved the album Supersaturated by The Singhs, from Boston, headed by the wonderful Miki Singh. But, that was in 2008. They did series of shows in NYC, several which we were taken to by their NY-press man, the Pasha David Salidor … but, what’s happened since then? We heard during some of their shows, that they were recording a new album -now to be titled Science Fiction- produced by the fabulous Tony Visconti, but, nothing since. This band is simply sensational; weaving different styles and textures of music to a winning formula. They were rock; they were pop … but, consistently producing some of the best and most original music we’ve ever heard. On Supersaturated we absolutely came to love the songs “Beautiful Thing, ” “Tina,” “The Dance” and the title track. Just a wonderful blend of terrific influences. Their guitarist Peter Parcek is just sensational and through several conversations with him, we found him to be a wonderfully inventive one as well. We managed to snare a copy of their 2003 release The Edge of the World and found it as brilliant and inventive as their last one … really brilliant. We asked Salidor what was up and he hinted at a change in management for the band. He also said that he hoped this new album would be out soon, as he’s had requests for the band from several TV shows as well as club owners. To be candid: they should be much, much bigger … so, maybe management is indeed the key. Mark our words here: The band will be huge!!!”

Thanks to our friends at Times Square Gossip! You can find the post here.